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 Agility Photos II


dogwalk.jpg (18453 bytes)

"Poet" Perennial Poetry In Motion, CD, NA, PT,CGC

aframe2.jpg (17762 bytes)

Poet 0n A-Frame


CJazzj.jpg (15361 bytes)

"Jazzee" Morgan Rivers Classical Act CGC,DNA-CP


trooper6.jpg (11280 bytes)

Tropper-Not sure about first time on the slide owned by Jayne McQuillen

Wiseman 2.jpg (17943 bytes)

"Quaz" Windy Farms Quasimoto NA,CGC,TDInc owned by Linda Wiseman belong to the Garden State ASC


Wiseman 1.jpg (16690 bytes)

Also owned by Linda Wiseman "Mowgli" Gefion's Modigliani from the Garden State ASC

Teaset~1.jpg (32944 bytes)



Jake.jpg (15977 bytes)

Jake coming through tunnel

ISO!tire99A1.jpg (18272 bytes)
High ISO! RS-N, JS-N, GS-N, NAC, NJC, O-NJC, NGC, O-NGC, NA, NAJ, CGC owned by Alissa

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