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Obedience Information and Links


Canine Good Citizen test:
A 10-step, pass-fail test to prove a dog's good manners and an owner's sense of responsible dog ownership. Dogs must be licensed and well-groomed, sociable to people and other dogs, and understand basic obedience commands. A dog that fails any part of the test fails the whole test.
Companion Dog, the first level of obedience titles involving mastery of sit, heel, down, stay, and come commands in a variety of exercises. To earn a CD, a dog and handler must achieve a qualifying score of 170 points (out of 200) at three separate shows under three different judges. A CD is earned from the novice class.
Companion Dog Excellent, the second level of obedience titles adding jumping and retrieving to the CD level and requiring that all work be done without a leash. The same three qualifying scores under three different judges are required to earn the title. A CDX is earned from the open class.
Utility dog, the third level of obedience titles adding scent discrimination, directed retrieves, and directed jumps to the skills required. Dogs must also earn three qualifying scores under different judges to earn a UD from the utility class.
Obedience trial championship, earned by continuing to compete at the open and utility levels and winning first or second place enough times to amass 100 points.

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