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The sport of agility is comprised of a course set up of many different obstacles.  Agility is meant to be a fun, non-regimented sport, with a lot of spectator appeal.   Obstacles include jumps, tunnels, a dog walk, a see-saw or teeter, an A-frame and weave poles.  Agility is a sporting event in which one dog and one human work together so that the dog successfully navigates a series of obstacles arranged in a random course. The course is usually about 180 yards long and snakes around inside an area about 100 feet square. Each run is timed or scored to so that the goal is to complete the course in the highest score or the quickest time possible.


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Perennial Poetry in Motion, CD, NA, PT,CGC


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U-CD Morning Delite of Riverview "Morgan" ASCA/AKC CDX CGC


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Jazzee-Morgan Rivers Classical Act CGC,DNA-CP


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Ace-AKC/ASCA CH Siena's Ace In The Hole CD,NA,CGC of Kyroka Kennels



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Mountain Mans "Dude"  ASCA/AKC/UKC Ch. Carolina's Riptide on Bayshore HT, HCTs, CGC/TDI


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Jazzee-Morgan Rivers Classical Act CGC,DNA-CP


Hersey owned by Ken Bain flying through the poles 


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U-CD Morning Delite of Riverview "Morgan" ASCA/AKC, CDX CGC STDsd  NA NAJ RV-E JV-O DNA-CP


Pictures taken at the 1998 USASA National Specialty by David Lorenz of Bofelli


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Fly Ball   Frisbee   Herding  Maggie-Mae  Obedience  Rescue  Therapy   Tracking


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