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Rescue and Carting


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Eldoradanan Propwash "Shelby" HT,NA,CGC,TDI owned by Lisa Pattison


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 belong to the Garden State ASCEldoradanan Propwash "Shelby" and Pattisons Murphy HT,NA,CD,TD


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Max, a Search & Rescue, Cadaver, and Water Recovery dog, arrives in Antelope Canyon to help find eleven  missing persons. Max  is owned by Audrey Wartman of Queen Creek, Arizona. Picture courtesy  Upper Midwest ASC, Awsome Aussies 1998 Calendar


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Lisa Pattison with Propwasheldoradanan "Lacey" NA,CGC,TDI,NAC,RS-N, Pattisons Murphy HT,NA,CD,TDI and Eldoradanan Propwash "Shelby" HT,NA,CGC,TDI



Hersey owned by Ken Bain shows the true versatility of aussies, also a Frisbee and agility dog.


Agility  Fly Ball  Frisbee  Herding   Maggie-Mae  Obedience  Therapy  Tracking   

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