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Flyball is a relay race with 4 dogs on a team. The course consists of a starting line, 4 hurdles spaced 10 feet apart and a box. The first hurdle is 6 feet from the start line and the box is 15 feet from the last hurdle for a 51 foot overall length. The dogs jump the hurdles and steps on a spring loaded box that shoots out a tennis ball. The dog catches the tennis ball and then runs back over the 4 hurdles. When the dog crosses the starting line the next dog goes. The first team to have all 4 dogs run without errors wins the heat. Tournaments are usually organized in either a double elimination or round robin foramt. Double elimination is usually best of 3 or best of 5. Round robin is usually best 3 out of 5 and the first team to win 3 heats receives 1 point towards their standing in the tournament.


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Dreamtime Dakota "Jake" FDX


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  "Mike"- Picture by  Tom Schaefges


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Cooler in Action !

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Cooler goes for the ball !


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Boomer  Legacy's Lucky Charm


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Cotswold Outback  Sheila


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Agility  Frisbee  Herding   Maggie-Mae  Obedience  Rescue   Therapy  Tracking


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