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This site is dedicated to the versatility of the Australian Shepherd. Featured are many of the activities Aussies compete, excel, and participate in. If you have a site you would like to see here, please e-mail me! I hope you will enjoy your visit.  Most of the pages at this site are graphic intensive and take a long time to load.  The hyperlinks will take you to the home site of the dog or Club featuring the dog.


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Mike Dobbs with his dog Missy


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"Dude" Mountain Man ASCA/AKC/UKC CH Carolina's Riptide on Bayshore HT,HCTs,CGS/TDI        

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"Jazzee" Morgan Rivers Classical Act CGC,DNA-CP


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After All "Spice" AKC/INT'L CH Heartstrings's Twice the Spice,ASCA/AKC CD,CGC


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"Sage" Kantera's Head of the Class owned by Sheila Boneham of Perennial

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"Poet" Perennial Poetry in Motion, CD, NA, PT

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"TK" Siena's First Round TKO, AKC ASCA CD, CGC of Kyroka Kennels

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WTCH Twin Oak's "Kit Carson" RDX RTD-CS ASCA Supreme Stockdog, Hall of Fame Sire

 Pictures taken by David Lorenz of Bofelli at the USASA 98 National Specialty

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